Magical protective amulet (Pendant from Horn)

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Product no.: RS-Hn-03
MPN: Hn-03
Manufacturer: Germanenschmuck
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Products description

hand-engraved on water buffalo horn
Width 30 mm, length 50 mm | German handwork

After the runic inscription of Körlin. This is one of the few examples of pagan Nordic rune magic.
The upper characters are as it were camouflaged and abbreviated Binderune the magic formula ALU again. Since the Binderune also represents a Zweigrune same time, it is clear ätt I (here Freys - ätt) and point 2 = U, whereby the full word ALU comes out. For the formula ALU several realizations will also in reverse. Due to the double attachment of the magic formula has been the subject not only jewelry but also an amulet.
The age of the inscription is around 550 AD. indicated. The Runemaster was a member of a North Germanic tribe, because the ALU - formula has not been found outside that territory. Site and date of origin of the inscription are not identical.