Imago Mortis - Mors Triumphalis CD

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Imago Mortis - Mors Triumphalis

Black Metal from Italy

Excellent Black Metal - Rerelease of their the 2001 long sold-out demo tape, remastered for the better! The music here is less atmospheric than on their album, and very dynamic, think of a mix between early EMPEROR and BURZUM(minus the synths), CELTIC FROST (for the rhythms) and NECROMANTIA (for the ritual-like parts and some atmospheres). Add three tracks sung in italian language, including their morbid hymn « Mors Triumphalis (Religio Mortis) », that carries the spirit of bands like THE BLACK (the Italian one) through Black-Metal music. The band went into something deeper with this tape, so it's time now to rediscover this piece of Italian darkness. There's two bonus for your darkest pleasure: a new outro and the two-track 1999 « Danza Macabra » demo to let us discover the evolution of the band with this rare recording. - Factory sealed -

1. Intro 00:53
2. Incipiumortis 01:18
3. The Ancient Kingdom of the Pain 05:16
4. Complete Eclipse 07:43
5. The Eternal Struggle of the Time 06:26
6. The Last Battle of the Lucifer Order 06:27
7. Malleus Maleficarum (version 2001) 02:37
8. Mors Triumphalis (Religio Mortis) 08:21
9. Danza Macabra 04:03
10. Demonsnorth 04:08
11. Outro 03:02
total: 50:14