Ignis Uranium - Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency CD

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Chaotic necro Thrash/Black Metal from Germany. IGNIS URANIUM recorded 9 powerful & well structured tracks for this debut album with a crushing production that you don't hear often around. Variously influenced, they mix classic Black Metal with technical Thrash aggression and a heavy sound for the fans of THORNS, SATYRICON and ANGELCORPSE! Hammering drums, growling screams and skilled guitar riffs complete a symphony of rage unhold with a scent of destruction in every second of this record.

1. Biomechancerous Nucleosynthesis 03:51
2. Ghastly Wounds of Lurking Angst 04:11
3. Doomstroke 03:12
4. Sulphur Wounds 03:47
5. Shrine of the Rapist 03:05
6. Perfume of Destruction 05:17
7. Spectres of the Void 03:41
8. Azimuth nuctemeron frequency 04:06
9. Hostile Stellar Spores 06:42

Total playing time 37:52