Protect seal Algiz (Pendant from Horn)

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Protect seal Algiz - Pendant from Horn

Handmade from water buffalo horn, a domesticated, endangered species. | Diameter: 35 mm

True protection rune according to the specifications of the Edda.

Through the power of the Runes (Runes of outer circle) protects (NAHLI) this jewelry (SIKLIS).
In a way to gain magical desire the FUTHARK is added as any other magic runes comprehensive, energetic wishes as protective formula.
Algiz is the fifteenth of the 24 Common Germanic runes and the eleventh of the 16 Nordic runes. The name of this rune is derived from the word "moose" and means, inter alia, "Defence". This rune is referred to in the younger Futhark as "Man-Rune" and symbolizes man.

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