Odin Amulette - Pendant in silver

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Odin Amulette - Pendant in silver

ODIN AMULETT | 39 x 39 mm | Chain eye 6 mm | double-sided design | 925 Sterling Silver plating (Electro-plating)

One of the most coveted amulets of the Nordic jewelry world, probably directly related to the status of the main god. It was absolutely our wish to offer the giver of life a completely new and nobler display of honour in the form of a newly designed amulet.
On the back, the jewel adorns the beautiful, ancient Germanic LIFERUNE as a new image of the life-spender. The Germanic LIFE RUNE, for its part, consists 24 MAN runes, which at the same time secure the life of its wearer and also provide protection against all sorts of demons acting from the other world.

Definition: Odin, which ensures breath and life, but also teaching the children of Frya their power in the form of runes and wisdom, is one of the main gods of North Germanic mythology ("Mythos", Greek: means truth!). Similarly, Odin also has the rhythm of duality, although inhalation and exhalation seem to be two pairs of shoes, but they are only expressions of a holistic process. Odin is both powerful and gentle. The power of breath is of elemental condition for every life process. Thus, the living being who is gifted with deep breath and healthy lungs can act more powerfully than he is clogged by dirt and rubbish.

Odin points the way to runic theory, he hung without (spiritual) food for 9 years on the tree of the earthly world to learn the power of runic might. Only then was he appointed a deity by his father TYR.
The inclined reader will find the metaphor and blueprint for us human beings. The study of the runes (among other things) will provide us with the way to mastery before our GodSelf lifts us to overpowering. In Odin or the Runes lies the real power, which is why Rome has been trying to drive out our symbols of power for more than 10,000 years.