Magical Witches amulet with runic (Pendant from Horn)

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Magical Witches amulet with runic - Pendant from Horn

Handmade from water buffalo horn, a domesticated, endangered species. | Diameter: 35 mm

The Vikings switched to Christianity after Saint missionaries had destroyed their pagan temples - without penalty by the ancient gods.
Magical inscriptions with the Sator - formula are from the early Middle Ages. The Sator formula is one of the most important formulas in magic. She is very old and has already been used in the first century BC..
For effective amulet belongs in this case, the special text in concentric circles. The magic words of Sator - formula are enclosed by the powerful incantations Peace which carry it. Blessed are those who possess it.
In the center of the pentagram is a symbol of the elements fire, water, earth, air and spirit.
Features: gives energy and magical powers to summon supernatural powers, protection against attacks of any kind.