Green Man Cernunnos - Pendant in silver

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Green Man Cernunnos - Pendant in silver

The "Green Man" is an Irish jewelry pendant. The CERNUNNOS, a forest god with antlers, as a pendant for the chain in antique silver.

The horned man - who does not know him ?

In the Celtic mythology you can find this strong and ancient mythical creature very often. The roots of the "Green Man" reach far into the Stone Age. Very often he is depicted with deer antlers on his head and the snake as a companion, resting in the lotus seat in his middle. The snake symbolizes the earth, fertility and wisdom.

The beloved of CERNUNNOS is the earth goddess herself.

  • Genuine 925 sterling silver
  • Antique blackened
  • Pendant opening is about 0.5 cm
  • 3.4 x 3 cm

"Look at me!" he said, "I am nature. Man and tree. What you do to me as a tree, you do to me as a man. Man and tree are brothers and sisters - both children of the earth."

So let your GREEN MAN remind you of your ancient roots. To your compassion and your deep connection with all being.
Because here lies your true strength and power! The love of nature deep within you shall blossom and never wither.
You should always think of the security and pride of being an old soul. Be brave and always decide from your heart - because these are the decisions you will never regret! And here lies the connection to your divinity.

Green Man Cernunnos - Pendant in silver
Green Man Cernunnos - Pendant in silver
Green Man Cernunnos - Pendant in silver