Demon with fiery eyes big (Pendants from Horn)

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Handmade from water buffalo horn, a domesticated, not endangered species. Eyes real red crystals | Diameter: 50 mm

The term demon (v.grch .: Daimon 1. supernatural being 2. potency) was originally a divine name that was in the course of time the "gods" asked counter and Negating it.
Demons were located at the edge or outside of the civilization of deterring outside or hybrids. If they also man can not be worshiped as gods but communicate with them or be protected by amulets before them. In ancient Greece demons were first seen in all natural phenomena (supernatural being) such as: leaves rustling in the wind cicadas chirping ... later only as an active force in unexplained events or processes. e.g. Fermentation of me or alcohol decay weathering aging ... In the ancient Near East demons are regarded as part of the world order by the origins of disease and death is attributed to them. Zoroastrianism develops an autonomous demonology about in the form of the demon drug (lie) the body witch Nasu or Zornesgestalt Aesma Daevas Asmodeus. While still demons Plato conceives as an intermediary figures between gods and men increases with the ancient Judaism and Christianity the negative assessment of the demons. In the Judeo-Christian idea of ​​a demon is an evil spirit of man can take possession.